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I realized that the reason why I really latched on to Woody Allen and his films was because of the time that I discovered him.

I saw my first Woody Allen movie in March of 2011. 15 years old and in the 10th grade. Just being this age was confusing. I had just gone through my first breakup. I was stuck analyzing what had gone wrong and how to move forward. But beyond that, I was just developing the foundations for what would eventually become my personal philosophies.

Although Annie Hall is not my favorite movie (it’s not even my favorite Woody Allen movie or in my top 10), it’s definitely one of the most important , if not the most important movie I’ve ever seen.

For the first time, I really connected with a work of art and as I progressed through his filmography, I found bits and pieces of myself in them. All the things that I wanted to say and put into words had been done so by him and he had materialized them into movies.

And through every personal situation I’ve found myself in, one of his movies would have a line that would seem to solve them. Even his latest, Magic in the Moonlight, had a line that was relevant to a current situation and for the past few days I’ve been fixated by that line and what it means to this dilemma. It’s even helped a bit.

I kind of wonder how I’d react to his works had I seen them at an earlier or later age. Annie Hall may have been boring to 12 year old me. 19 year old me may have been a bit more harsher and critical of some of his lesser works.

Want. Need.

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Want. Need.

My cousin’s leaving to college today.

We spent one last night being stupid and I’ve spent most of today with him.

I’m really gonna miss him. I feel like I’m going to be lost without him. He’s the only family member who I can have an honest conversation with. The only times I really let loose are when I’m with him.

I know he’ll be back soon but it’s not the same as having him ten minutes away.

Found myself on a guest’s Instagram by searching for my workplace. Yes, the phone is real.

Found myself on a guest’s Instagram by searching for my workplace. Yes, the phone is real.

And while I was in D, I thought I’d do Sunny Day Real Estate’s Seven, which is one of my favorite songs to play (and I still fucked it up). I learned this song because the band was going to cover it (and we did a pretty fucking good run of it once) but we realized that none of us could really sing it. But anyways, thought I’d post it as well.

I spent my day off learning Ghost’s Year Zero. I’ve never really put up a video of me playing guitar as I have little confidence with my skills (as I was playing and as I watch this now I know that I’m a bit off and there’s some hesitation in my playing and I know for a fact that the part after the solo is off as I’m not so sure what exactly is going on) but it’s a pretty fun and simple song to play and I was wondering what the guitar would sound like as I rarely get a chance to play loud so I got a friend to film me.

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Emma Stone: Magic In The Moonlight Stills

I saw Magic in the Moonlight today. My Emma Stone crush has resurfaced.

Rocket Queen
Guns N' Roses
Appetite for Destruction

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I’ve got a tongue like a razor
A sweet switchblade knife
And I can do you favors
But then you’ll do whatever I like

Appetite For Destruction is one of the most important albums to me. I discovered it in my dad’s cd collection when I was about 9. I thought I’d listen to it because I knew that my cousin’s favorite band was Guns N’ Roses.

Now, I don’t remember my initial reaction but throughout my ever changing taste in music, Appetite has always been a constant.

It’s one of the few albums that I just never tire of and can listen to from beginning to end every time and it’s the reason why I ever picked up a guitar.

One thing that I’ve realized now that I’m older is how brilliant Rocket Queen’s placement on the album is. It’s the final track of an album that, asides from Sweet Child O’ Mine, is so raw and ugly. From Axl Rose’s view, it’s every man for himself and women are merely objects.

Rocket Queen starts off like that. Rose even had sex with the drummer’s girlfriend to record the moans heard on the track. But, the song ends with Rose offering his loyalty and friendship.

Because of this last section, this album that’s so in your face ends on a really sweet note. And it makes me appreciate the track and the album more than I did when I was 9.


Sydney Pollack in Paris

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Sydney Pollack in Paris

I had a really honest conversation with my parents and absolutely zero progress was made. Everything was thrown back at me and they said I had a complex, which is fair enough but it’s not something I want to hear right now.

19’s a weird age cause you don’t really get any perks with it. No really gives a shit.
When you’re 17 you get to buy tickets for R rated movies. At 18, you can buy cigarettes, lotto tickets, guns, go to war, no longer lie on porn sites, vote, be tried as an adult, get a job, and a general sense of being an adult.
The next big one is 21. I’ll be old enough to drink and until then, I’ll have to wait til I’m 62 so I can get discounts on bus fare and at Denny’s.

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