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I’m sure I’ve talked about Weezer on here and their importance to me. I go through periods where I’m listening to nothing but Weezer.
I feel like the Blue Album is 13 year old Victor. The one who’s having his first serious crush, the one who’s yet to break out of his shell and is comfortable spending time in the garage, the one who has silly fantasies.
Then Pinkerton is the 17 year old Victor. The one who’s been hurt by a girl or two, the one who’s angry, the one who feels slightly defeated.
18 year old Victor can admire both albums and listen to them constantly. I still find traces of my current self in them. Surf Wax America, Buddy Holly, The Good Life, Across the Sea.
Even stretching beyond these albums. I’ll still find myself in songs from The Green Album, Maladroit, and even Hurley.
I’m beyond excited for their upcoming album and I love hearing the new song on KROQ all the time.
They’re not my favorite band but they’ll always be a sort of snapshot of these past couple of years.

Island In the Sun
Weezer (Green Album)

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Weezer - Island In the Sun

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1969 German re-release poster for A HARD DAY’S NIGHT (Richard Lester, UK, 1964)
Designer: unknown
Poster source:

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1969 German re-release poster for A HARD DAY’S NIGHT (Richard Lester, UK, 1964)

Designer: unknown

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  • Me at Fuddruckers trying to put cheese on my fries: Hmmmm they're out of cheddar cheese. I guess god wants me to try the Jalapeno Cheddar.
Krusty Krew KBBQ

Krusty Krew KBBQ

The Lego Movie, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes have all been far better and more intelligent than you’d imagine to be.

I don’t mind this. Bring on new installments in what should be advertisements for toys or tired franchises as long as they reach this level of excellence.

Yesterday, at work, I saw a kid with a shirt that said “I have the dick, I make the rules.” holding a girl’s hand and I’m still pretty fucking pissed about.

Where the fuck do you find the audacity to wear such a shirt in public? Why the fuck would you date a guy who wears that shirt? Where the fuck were this kid’s parents when he bought it? Who the fuck made this shirt?

Fuck that kid.

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I love my Krusty Krew.

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Imagine David Bowie making you feel better after a bad day.

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So I just finished Nymphomaniac Vol. II and it solidified my feelings on the first part. Both need to be seen to appreciate the film as a whole. Again, I wish I’d seen the five hour cut instead of two volumes.

My one problem is that I feel like Lars von Trier was poking me with a stick. You don’t make a pornographic (but to call Nymphomaniac pornographic is to miss the point) film without purposely trying to illicit some extreme reaction from the audience. I kept asking myself if the graphic sex was absolutely necessary. It was necessary for the story but it bothered me because I knew it was only in place for shock value.

It almost seemed cheap. Von Trier is the guy who gave us penetration, a baby’s death, a blood ejaculation, and female circumcision in one film. To use a graphic level of sex and so much of it as his tool just pales in comparison.

Not that I’m craving a more extreme film than Antichrist but I’m essentially immune to von Trier’s antics after that and I’d assume that his fans are as well.

At the very least, I felt the sex was sincere. It might contradict the previous sentiment but as I said, it wasn’t gratuitous. I think back to the 12 minute sex scene in Blue Is The Warmest Color, an absolutely beautiful film but that scene, which is just as graphic as anything in Nymphomaniac, was unnecessarily explicit and lacked sincerity or warmth.

I don’t know if explicit sex has a place in mainstream cinema ( are foreign films and Lars von Trier films mainstream?) but I applaud Nymphomaniac for the way it handled it.

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